Estate Tests (Probate)

What is it?

Estate tests or probate tests help prove family relationships in cases of estate settlement.

Why should I use it?

If you want to be included in the process of settling a family member’s estate, a DNA test can be used to show a relationship to the deceased person.

How can I order an estate test?

Click Request a Callback and complete the simple form.  One of our representatives will reach out to you.

The following is the basic information we will need to process, pay and schedule your test while on the call:

  • Names of all people who will be involved in the test (For example, if your father passed away, you could have DNA collected from yourself, your mother, and your brother or sister to establish paternity.)
  • Current contact information for all parties involved
  • A return address/email for the results
  • A valid credit card for payment


A standard estate test is $325 for blood or buccal of the deceased, and $650 for other non-standard samples of the deceased. 


After your order is confirmed, our representatives will follow up by phone and/or email to schedule where and when you can have the DNA samples collected. LabCorp has more than 900 company-operated sites in the US and more than 10,000 locations globally. We can also facilitate international collections.