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Legal Paternity & Maternity DNA Test Order Form

LabCorp's legal paternity and maternity DNA tests are your choice for results that can be used in a court case, such as a child support or custody case. Samples are collected using cotton swabs rubbed inside your inner cheek at a location convenient to you. Our legal tests follow a strict chain of custody to ensure integrity from the sample collection through testing at our laboratory to provide you with court-ready results. DNA testing kits are orderable within the United States only.

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Primary Contact
The primary contact will receive the original test results.
Basic Information
What is your relation to the parties being tested?
You have chosen your race as "Mixed" or "Other", please add a description so that we may best assist you
Mailing Address
Results are mailed to the mailing address of the primary contact.
Residents of New York must send a court order or physician prescription to LabCorp before an appointment can be scheduled. More info >
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Additional Participants (Optional)
Additional participants can be added at $175 per person.
Please note:
  • There is no additional charge for samples collected at a LabCorp patient service center.
  • Testing is performed in LabCorp’s DNA testing facility.
  • A LabCorp result report provides high-quality, court-ready results.
  • Results are archived for 7 years.
  • Once your order is processed, we will contact you within 2 business days to schedule your appointments for sample collection.
  • Once appointments are scheduled, a fee applies to any canceled testing.