Tribal Enrollment

What is it?

Tribal enrollment tests are DNA tests that can aid a person who is seeking to be added to membership registry of an American Indian tribe.  Each tribe sets its own enrollment criteria, but in general, it is necessary to prove one’s heritage with a tribe.  This can be shown through DNA testing of the person seeking enrollment and a person who is already on the tribe’s enrollment list. 

Why should I use it?

This testing is performed to help gain enrollment on the membership registry of an American Indian tribe.

How can I order this Test?

Click Request a Callback and complete the simple form.  One of our representatives will reach out to you.

The following is the basic information we will need to process and schedule your test while on the call:

  • Names of the people who will be involved in the test and their relationship to each other
  • Current contact information for all parties involved
  • A return address or e-mail address for the results
  • A valid credit card for payment


Prices for a tribal enrollment test vary based on the number of people tested. Please contact LabCorp for pricing


After your order is confirmed, our representatives will follow up by phone and/or email to schedule where and when you can have the DNA samples collected. LabCorp has more than 900 company-operated sites in the US and more than 10,000 globally.