Why DNA Identity

LabCorp has a history of identity/paternity testing that has inspired trust since 1981. You can be sure that scientific accuracy of your test is our highest priority. Maybe you need to establish paternity or kinship in a state court. Maybe you need an at-home kit for verification that you have an identical twin.

Whatever the context, you need someone at the forefront of technology with expertise in conducting DNA tests.  LabCorp has performed DNA tests in support of more than 2 million legal cases.  LabCorp offers the scientific leadership for high-quality results you can trust and the operational experience to help coordinate convenient collections for your DNA test.

Our extensive accreditations and certifications set us apart from other testing labs. We maintain standards set by regulators like AABB, as well as those set by various state and government agencies. You need to be sure your tests, whether taken as part of a legal case or for curiosity’s sake, meet the highest possible industry standards. LabCorp’s mission is to provide you with results you can trust.