How DNA testing works

Our process for At-Home, Legal and NY State DNA Testing

How DNA testing works

Our process for At-Home, Legal and NY State DNA Testing

    • Purchase a DNA Test

      Select the appropriate DNA test.

    • Collect Sample

      At home DNA tests do not have special collection requirements and can be collected in the privacy of your home.

      The kit will be sent to the address specified on the order. You should expect your order to arrive within 2-3 business days. The kit will contain 4 cotton swabs for each person that will be providing their sample for testing, along with easy to follow instructions.

    • Ship Sample to Lab

      Once the samples have been collected, package the kit in the tamper-evident shipping envelope. Attach the pre-paid shipping label to the envelope and drop off at a FedEx location.

    • Test Sample

      Once the laboratory in Burlington, NC has received a sample, it is tested and reviewed twice to ensure quality.

    • Send Results

      Results are typically available within 3-5 business days for a routine paternity case. Results may be delivered via email, USPS or express shipper

  • How do New York residents order a legal DNA test?

    Legal DNA testing of New York residents can be purchased online. However, it requires an authorized person to make a written request, which is typically in the form of a physician or court order.

    NY Resident Legal Test FAQs

  • Science

    LabCorp’s innovative testing procedures reduce the need for repeat and extended testing, allowing results to be delivered faster. Our methods and procedures are reviewed as part of the accreditation process by the AABB, as well as other international accreditation agencies. Our skilled technicians and laboratory directors continuously follow the latest advances in scientific development to ensure we bring you the most up-to-date testing available.

  • Privacy & Security

    Your privacy and security are important to us. Once samples have been collected, they are packaged in a tamper-evident bag for shipment to our DNA testing laboratory. Entry into our DNA testing facility is by restricted access only. All samples are barcoded and all computer systems are secured. Results and case information are shared only with authorized individuals. For the protection of the tested parties, results are not released over the phone.

  • Our Lab

    Unlike many DNA identity testing laboratories, we provide more than 1,900 company-operated patient service centers exclusively for the use of our clients. In addition, specimens can be collected at many alternate third-party collection sites. Our extensive network of certified DNA collection facilities throughout the United States allows LabCorp to provide convenient times and locations for specimen collection. We can accommodate same-day DNA collection needs upon request.

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